The Evolution of Timber Frame ...

EvoFrame is a volumetric modular designed, self-supporting timber frame building solution for 'smart' off-site construction.

  • Factory Made : Production controlled industrial design quality
  • Fast Track : Maximized speed through ‘smart’ design
  • Housing : A new way of delivering houses to the UK market
  • Delivery : Factory to Site without Complications
  • Installation : Safer, Faster and Exacting Site Operations
  • Completion : Fast Development Turnaround

Engineered to fit together vertically and horizontally, using a unique patented design, allowing for superior ceiling heights and volumetric living space.

Smart thinking ...

... bringing together a complete building solution ...

  • Safer
  • Faster
  • Less Risk
  • Better Quality
  • Low Weather Delays
  • Up to 90% Factory Finished

... intended to take the building out of building

A volumentric building system that provides factory made, fast-track houses

2016 and beyond ...

  • Zero Carbon Compliant
  • Code 6 Ready
  • Built to exacting standards under Factory Conditions
  • Providing significant Added-Value
  • Drastically reduced construction periods
  • Fast Turnaround of development completion

The 'E' Factor

  • Effortless A straight forward logistical process and factory production ensures EvoFrame simplicity
  • Eco-Friendly Produced using environmentally friendly renewable materials

  • Economical Significantly cheaper than conventional construction
  • Evolutionary The new way forward in off-site construction
  • Energy Efficient Super low u-Values ensure reduced fuel bills