Volumetric Technology

Why volumetric design is the way forward ...

Very simply, volumetric design is the only way to acheive a potential of up to 90% factory complete houses.

Volumetric design allows for a complete house to be made in a factory in modules for delivery to site in fewer elements.

Volumetric design is however, limited by transport logistics.

EvoFrame 'Smart' design has minimised these issues by being able to be transported by any standard transport / trucking company across the UK and Europe without any special requirements at all.

As a result, EvoFrame modules can be quickly and easily delivered using standard road transport trucks, transit vans and trailers.

Volumetric design allows for a complete factory solution.

From a transportable 'Frame' offering an extermely strong structure, to exacting finishes including windows and doors, kitchens and bathrooms, wall and floor finishes, fixtures and fittings.

Finished in a factory, there is very little needed on site, maintaining exacting standards.

Volumetric design ensures minimal site operations and operatives.

A typical EvoFrame installation requires just 3 operatives.

Volumetric design allows for exacting costing.

Every element of an EvoFrame module is efficient in materials, time and motion.

Little material waste and no time loss.

Volumetric design allows for safer site operations.

There a fewer 'moving' elements and once locked together, provide a safe working platform for the next.

There a fewer operatives all working in a safe enviromnent with and less chance of harm.

EvoFrame is a self-supporting modular system made possible by volumetric design.

2016 and beyond ...

  • Zero Carbon Compliant
  • Code 6 Ready
  • Built to exacting standards under Factory Conditions
  • Providing significant Added-Value
  • Drastically reduced construction periods
  • Fast Turnaround of development completion

The 'E' Factor

  • Effortless A straight forward logistical process and factory production ensures EvoFrame simplicity
  • Eco-Friendly Produced using environmentally friendly renewable materials

  • Economical Significantly cheaper than conventional construction
  • Evolutionary The new way forward in off-site construction
  • Energy Efficient Super low u-Values ensure reduced fuel bills